The Hyperglide System Razor by King of Shaves is Super Smooth

 - Feb 7, 2014
References: shave & ohgizmo
Forget about the latest multi-bladed shavers by Schick and Gilette, the Hyperglide System Razor offers the smoothest shave thanks to its patented superhydrophilic self-lubricating cartridges. It reduces the act of shaving to one step since it release its own shaving gel of sorts as soon as it comes in contact with water. By having such lubricant so neatly tied into the shaver itself, the process becomes easier and more effective.

Created by King of Shaves, a company headquartered in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, the Hyperglide System Razor is not only revolutionary and practical, it also boasts a sleek and simple design that will appeal to many modern men. Used in conjunction with King of Shaves' shaving oils, gels and serums, the impressive Hyperglide System Razor may not be able to be beat.