This Infographic Comically Depicts Why Men Shave

This infographic called the ‘Top 10 Outlandish Reasons Men Shave' is a humorous depiction of a man's facial hair care routine. In it, an illustrated man is shown shaving his face and the ten reasons as to why men might choose to follow suit are listed around him.

Some of the reasonings include that they "don't want to mistaken for a Sasquatch," "it's an easy way to shed some pounds" and that their "girlfriend doesn't like kissing furry animals."

Obviously, the reasons aren't applicable to all men, but they do provide some comical insight. The infographic also provides some interesting facts about shaving. For example, did you know that shaving is to most guys what makeup is to some women? Or is it that men have anywhere from 5,000 to 25,000 whiskers on their faces?