This Innovative & Safe Razor Blade is Capable of Self-Sharpening/Cleaning

 - Dec 2, 2013
References: indiegogo
The Clean Swipe Razor is a smart, eco-friendly and safe razor blade design that solves two problems with shaving at once — its built-in "swiper bar" clears out clogged hair and simultaneously sharpens the blades.

Razor blades can get loaded with hair pretty quickly and in some cases, a quick rinse under water isn’t enough. Scrubbing blades with an old toothbrush can seem effective, but this actually dulls the blades and renders them useless sooner. The Clean Swipe is unlike traditional razors because instead of getting duller over time, it can make itself sharper. When it’s eventually time to swap out for a new set of blades, the cartridge heads can easily be replaced.

Currently, Mcnulty has an Indiegogo campaign going to raise funds to manufacture his incredible prototype and develop the first razors and cartridges. This is one extremely innovative razor design that could totally revolutionize the way men and women shave.