Coco Rocha Stands out Among Mortals in Liz Claiborne Ads

 - Aug 11, 2009
References: nymag
Liz Claiborne, one of the many mass-market fashion companies currently struggling to stay economically afloat, has enlisted supermodel Coco Rocha as the new face of its Fall/Winter campaign.

Back in March, Liz Claiborne released a ‘normal’ people campaign -- featuring everyone from plus-sized women to grandmothers –- to appeal to the mass market. But this real-world strategy didn’t last long. Why? Maybe getting consumers to buy apparel from beautiful people just works better.

Model-extraordinaire Georgina Stojiljkovic was subsequently used in Claiborne’s Spring 2009 advertisements, shown prancing about on a gritty walk-way with "commoners" scattered about.

The trend continues. Exhibit A: Coco Rocha is now the strategically-supplanted supermodel, her striking beauty a beacon of light in the boring world of grocery shopping. Exhibit B: at the center of a [creepy] plaid-filled neighborhood is Coco, looking fresh, gorgeous, and well, how the face of an ad campaign should look.