Norma de Leon Illustrates Shadowy Figures in a Wonderland

 - Apr 24, 2012
References: & juxtapoz
Norma de Leon is an artist who’s exemplary of the word "contrast." It is most evidently displayed in the coloring of her images as she pairs subjects, rendered entirely in black, with vibrant pastel-colored backgrounds. But take time to analyze her work further and you’ll uncover that contrast is also evident in her concepts and execution as well.

Norma de Leon illustrates in a style that’s child-friendly, repeating simplistic geometric shapes like circles over and over again within single compositions to lull viewers into a sense of comfort. This safe engagement is then turned on its head with Leon’s wildly bizarre depictions of floating eyeballs and whimsical landscapes. Pairing psychedelic concepts that sate adults’ thirst for cognition in their art and visuals that children find accessible is what makes Leon’s work universally adored.