Emilie Baltz and Jeremy Linzee Celebrate the City with 'BUOYS'

 - Sep 29, 2011
References: dumboartsfestival & core77
The DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) Arts Festival took place in Brooklyn this past weekend, and artists Emilie Baltz and Jeremy Linzee put forth their installation 'BUOYS' to mark the event. Anyone who grew up near the ocean knows the important role buoys have played in guiding seafaring vessels to their desired location over the past hundreds of years. Playing on this rich history of marine navigation, Baltz and Linzee have constructed and placed five reflective buoys along the basin near Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park.

Appearing as a space of calm water as waves lap carelessly altering their placement ever so slightly, these buoys standout yet blend in with their surroundings. The buoys are a mirrored discs of stainless steel measuring 12 feet in diameter, and weighing in at close to 430 pounds. Due to the reflective nature of these hefty pieces, their appearance changes as their environment is altered. The buoys are set ablaze with vibrant orange light as the sun sinks further towards the horizon, and the twinkling light of the city prevails.

Emilie Baltz and Jeremy Linzee have created pieces that only add to the beauty of the city, they also reflect it, adding a new venue for urbanites to appreciate the gorgeous cityscapes of their everyday surroundings. This installation instills a renewed sense of pride in the place city-dwellers call home.