Liu Wei Reinvents Educational Tools into Eye-Catching Cityscapes

 - May 6, 2012
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At first, Liu Wei’s ‘Foreign’ sculpture exhibit may seem like a standard architectural mock-up, but upon closer inspection you’ll find that the work is actually comprised of books. More specifically, Wei re-purposes schoolbooks into intricate and painstakingly detailed cityscapes that comprise this exhibition.

The ink-covered pages of the school books enhance Wei’s sculptures, as they add shading, depth and texture. Each structure’s individual pieces are fastened together using a combination of steel rods and clamps, giving the illusion that these sculptures are actually carvings. Although some pieces are displayed horizontally so that spectators can look down over the cityscape, some of Wie’s works are displayed vertically, adding an interesting element to the presentation.

Currently, Liu Wei is showcasing his ‘Foreign’ collection at the Almine Rech gallery in Paris until May 16, 2012.