Levent Vertical Mass Negotiates Complex Programs in a Chaotic City

 - Feb 6, 2012
References: suckerpunchdaily
Despite the alienesque appearance of this piece of architecture, the Levent Vertical Mass houses an impressively large collection of human activities. Its winged flying saucer form contains everything from office spaces and condominiums to a performing arts center and outdoor public environments. Its unusual shape is a product of the multifarious activities inside.

Circlation throughout the different parts of this structure has carved the sculptural layers of the project's first few levels, hollowing out courtyards and plazas for gardens and open-air events. A logical configuration of the many trajectories keeps the separate programs spatially distinctive, while presenting dramatic overlaps with an abstract formal language. Planned for the heart of Istanbul, the Levent Vertical Mass strikes a rapport with the surrounding cityscape and the Golden Horn highways as a monumental metropolitan microcosm.