The Sights Editorial by Arkadiusz Jankowski is Behemoth

 - Jun 4, 2012
References: arkadiuszjankowski
The Sights editorial by Arkadiusz Jankowski is literally larger than life, or at least London’s skyline. The newest editorial in Xquisit Magazine features photographer Jankowksi and gorgeously gargantuan models. In this over-sized editorial, an equally over-sized model Anna Jaroszewska is photographed sight-seeing in London, England. Jaroszeksa is shown in notable tourist spots such as London Bridge and Big Ben.

Although, these are no ordinary sight-seeing photographs. The model is seen effortless towering over the city-line, making even the most monstrous landmarks seem miniscule. In these photographs, the London cityscape becomes Jaroszewksa’s playground and fashion runway.

These photographs share a striking similarity to the image of King Kong clinging to New York City’s Empire State Building, although, King Kong certainly wasn’t as fashion-forward as this behemoth beauty.