Deuce to 7 Graffiti Split Screen Compares 90s and 2012 Street Art

 - Sep 21, 2012
References: vimeo & egotripland
Using footage of street art from the late 1990s on one half of the screen and 2012 footage of the same areas on the other, the Deuce to 7 Graffiti Split Screen video demonstrates how much of an impact graffiti has on its surroundings.

The prevalence of graffiti on both sides of the split screen establishes that street art has always played a big role in the identity of the borough and its community. The camera work, although of different quality on either side, effectively captures how the graffiti styles and landscapes have changed over time. The video often scans over the same exact walls simultaneously for maximum impact.

Overall, the colorful artwork featured in the Deuce to 7 Graffiti Split Screen video brightens up the entire scenery, adding flavor and beauty to the cityscape.