Artist Tony Plant Paints Images by Way of Rakes and Granules

 - Jan 31, 2013
References: tonyplant & mymodernmet
Artist Tony Plant's geometric sand drawings have created remarkable images along coastlines. With a single rake in hand, he produced these large scale swirls and sprawling shapes. As he has been producing similar pieces for over 20 years, this particular project has been produced with acute attention to detail.

It took Plant hours along beach shores to produce this display of art. The biggest obstacle came from the water as it washed the patterns away. The medium that he works with is therefore temporary, distinguishing his productions as fleeting pieces that can only be preserved via photography. While this quality would disturb some designers, Plant has come to terms with it, "I just think of them as non-precious things. Some people get confused about why I do it, when there's nothing left after the tide has washed everything away..."