Inspired by David Beckham's Shockingly Upsetting Soccer Retirement

 - May 17, 2013
Maybe more famous for his good looks and buff physique, David Beckham and his retiring announcement is a shock for all. He plans to quit soccer for good at the end of his club Paris Saint-Germain's season.

I'm not sure how deeply the devastation of soccer fans goes, but ladies around the world are heartbroken that they won't be able to see their favorite hunk run around in those short soccer shorts. Regardless of his looks, David Beckham has definitely made a celebrity status dent in the soccer world with sports endorsements, playing for numerous pro-teams and his famous marriage to Victoria Beckham.

While David Beckham may be gone from the soccer world, his passion for the game will live on in these addictive soccer-inspired products. From Life-Sized Soccer Player Posters to Pint Sized Soccer Stadiums I think the thrilling, competitive and addictive nature of soccer will survive just fine with David Beckham retiring.