The Jeong Yong Coach Tablet Design is Fascinating

 - May 15, 2012
References: jeongyong
The (currently fictional) Jeong Yong Coach tablet is wicked awesome. Jeong Yong has designed a tablet that is both athletic in external appeal and internal function. Yong further incorporates some really sporty features that would be of great asset to actual athletes. The "specialized sports communication machine" boasts a training schedule that allows athletes to keep record of their training endeavours.

Designed with the inspiration of a Nike soccer ball, the fictitious tablet can read where players are on the field and the condition of their body through the use of a bracelet that reads vital signs and has GPS coordinate capabilities. Not affiliated with Nike (yet), this Jeong Yong Coach tablet is a fantastic idea. It's like mixing the iPad with a Wii to create a really interesting new technology.