Trick Kick Lets You Sharpen Your Ball Handling Skills in Your Home

 - Feb 16, 2013
References: trickkick & gizmag
The Trick Kick is life-sized version of foosball designed for hardcore soccer aficionados. The game is meant to be played by two people and uses a small soccer ball.

The object of the game is fairly simple: two players go at it in the small arena and try to become the first to score ten points. Trick Kick was created by FITKA, an Austrian company and the world's authority on mini soccer.

In addition to creating Trick Kick, FITKA runs tournaments for mini soccer and oversees marketing and rules for the game. While playing foosball may be easier and more fun, you can't sharpen your ball-handling skills using actual handles. The Trick Kick's small size (8.2 x 4.6-foot) makes it ideal for indoor areas not quite big enough to accommodate an indoor soccer field.