Jill et Lorna Watt's Knitted Tree Art Resembles a Squid

 - Oct 29, 2013
References: knitsforlife & fubiz.net
Jill et Lorna Watt is the crafty individual behind this knitted tree art piece. Watt (who is clearly a fan of knitting) decided to create an imaginative tree cozy to help inject color and personality into her California community. This tentacled tree art can be found in San Mateo. As far as knitted graffiti goes, it's actually quite clever to disguise a tree as an octopus. Both trees and octopuses have numerous out-stretched arms.

This distracting tree cozy is a bright shade of blue, and features a large pair of eyes that make this octopus seem like a real character. This smile-inducing tree cover can only be described as fun.

Watt's giant blue octopus is guaranteed to San Mateo residents laugh and smile.