This Plant Artwork Combines Consumerism and Wildlife

 - Mar 17, 2013
References: azumamakoto
Flower artist Makoto Azuma's Art of Plants installation in Japan's Isetan Department store takes a greener perspective to the art of consumerism with plant artwork.

Azuma is the head of AMKK: a company focused on developing Azuma's experimental creations. Naturally, Azuma's exhibit sees him using rich plant patterns that line walls and sit in window installations. Looking like emerald pillars, these flower arrangements are without a doubt intricate examples of the philosophy that AMKK promotes.

By creatively molding plant life, AMKK's mandate on its site says that this creative company seeks to "increase the existential value of plants by finding out the most mysterious figure only owned by flowers and plants." Composing complex bunches of flora, the living Art of Plants installation takes an animated approach to department store decals.