A Collection of Graphite Drawings on Canvas by Pardo Lopez

 - Jan 24, 2013
References: lopezpardoart & fubiz.net
Pardo Lopez provides us with these stark, black and white images as part of his Black Box series of graphite drawings on canvas. The Cuban artist merged photos of airplanes with his own graphite drawings to create these surreal images that are at the same time quiet and explosive.

The serenity of the lonely plane in the sky is often contrasted by the jarring visual effects added by Lopez with graphite. Lopez uses a machine which sprays the graphite on in specific ways to create the incredible cloud formations seen in this collection.

Lopez says on his website "The main focus is the figure of the airplane that is placed in a variety of situations to allude the problems of the contemporary man and, in this way, become metaphor of the existence, dreams, through the great hardship, loneliness."