The Avião Installation Combines Old Tech with New

 - Jun 25, 2013
References: & mymodernmet
A plane sculpture by Cuban art collective Los Carpinteros called Avião explores the conflict between modernization and the human condition. The sculpture consists of two strikingly inconsistent elements fused together.

A small plane is seen with hundreds of wooden arrows puncturing the bottom. Littered with weapons of war, the plane looks as if a troop of ancient archers attacked it from below. Antiquated arrows complete with wooden shafts and feathered ends stick out of the plane's metal hull at various angles. With some of the arrows puncturing the wing, it looks like the archers were successful in decommissioning the plane.

Los Carpinteros created the installation to contrast past and modern technologies. By combining old tech with new, the artists are encouraging the viewer to reflect on how we have evolved and changed as a race.