Francisco Mata Rosas Depicts Havana in a Strange Light

Mexican photographer Francisco Mata Rosas recently completed a series of photographs titled 'Centro Habana' that, as its name suggests, captures scenes from the streets of the storied Cuban capital.

Havana is a city of contrasts; many people say this about many cities, yet Havana is with unique aspects. From the colonial structures erected to serve as monuments to the Roman Catholic Church and Spanish Empire to the swinging Art Deco architecture of the decadent and corrupt Batista era to the austere buildings of the less than ideal communist period, the city is a story in of itself. Rosas' photography doesn't focus on the architecture of Havana however, but the people.

The photographer focuses his lens on real people leading real lives. The monochromatic color scheme, strange lighting and curious scenes do well to convey the surrealism of a city where the past so easily bubbles up into the present.