- Jan 29, 2015
These predictive systems are examples of when predictive technology has been integrated into software in the form of mobile applications, computer interfaces and automobile dashboards.

When it comes to autonomous activity and predictive systems in cars, Bosch's traffic jam-maneuvering technology indicates the way forward. In a similar vein, Google Prediction API consists of route-optimizing software that lets drivers customize their commute.

There is no shortage of predictive apps out there that have implications everywhere from the food industry to travel and overall health. The square order app makes ordering and picking up food easier than ever. By inputting information like your diet, the Deadline app can predict your demise. Emotional health can also be measured and predicted with mood swing-detecting apps like Priori, where as the Nurse app and menstruation-tracking apps focus on physical health.

From Flight Advisor Apps to Communication-Assisting Interfaces: