The Bunker Series by Maria Martinez-Canas and Rafael Domenech

The 'Bunker Series' marks a recent collaboration between Cuban photographer Maria Martinez-Canas and artist Rafael Domenech. Creating a set of collaged compositions, the duo overlapped watercolored geometric forms atop a range of retro bunker photos.

The iconic portraits capture the architecture and militant history of bunkers. The abandoned structures are transformed into playful art works thanks to its artists' infusion of geometric elements that vary in opacity and shape.

Playing with deconstructed and reconstructed views, the 'Bunker Series' by Maria Martinez-Canas and Rafael Domanech revives a retro visual aesthetic. These artful collages resemble aged architecture photographs or textbook diagrams. This past-era aesthetic has been re-introduced to the creative duo's fans and art lovers with a flair for retro imagery.