Hanger Luminaire Takes a Cue from Wardrobe Convenience for Portable Light

 - Jan 11, 2013
References: triumphdc & red-dot.de
You would be wrong to assume that the Hanger Luminaire only belongs in the closet, for it has been designed to be used absolutely anywhere throughout the home. Sure, it would provide particularly valuable assistance in brightening up a dark wardrobe, but its versatility is as advanced as its technology.

Naohiko Mitsui of Italy designed this handy object with the support of Japanese manufacturer Lumiotec Incorporated. One of its two primary features is a round-cornered square patch that provides intense white OLED illumination. The innovative concept remains nearly paper-thin so that household lighting need not remain so bulky and immobile.

The Hanger Luminaire's shape is discernibly inspired by the form of a coat hanger. It isn't intended to tidy your garments, however, but rather to be hooked to door handles, pegs and more to provide light wherever it's required.