The Bandada TANgRAM Collection is Colorful and Chunky

The Bandada TANgRAM Collection is full of fun. Colorful, chunky and made out of wood, the pieces are great for younger generations but can still be appreciated by older ones as well. As far as statement-making accessories go, this line is on top of its game. Yet, instead of being full of glamor and sophistication, its playful edge allows it to be a more casual alternative and thus, perfect for the day time.

Designed by Ana María Ramírez and Adriana Díaz, the Bandada TANgRAM Collection is specifically made out of birch plywood. They chose to go with this material because "plywood is an industrial recycled material made with the waste of wood that’s economical, resistant, practical, durable and—very important!—capable of retaining the beauty and charm of the natural wood."