These Bouf Rings are Radically Recycled and Radiant

 - Jun 19, 2011
References: bouf & kingdomofstyle.typepad
Are you looking for eco-friendly ornament options that are still beautiful? Look no further than Bouf rings.

Jewelry designers at Bouf have created a dazzling collection of gems called PET:Cell rings. These beautiful Bouf rings have contemporary abstract designs and resemble blooming flowers on the finger. They come in a variety of colors and are made out of transparent plastic. In fact, the plastic that these rings are made of has quite a history. The rings are made out of recycled plastic water and soda bottles, making them both stunningly stylish and environmentally sound.

These gorgeous finger garnishes make great gifts for environmental advocates or simply for modern jewelry lovers. Bouf rings are certainly making a splash in the eco-friendly product marketplace.