Recycled Skateboards Get a Second Chance with RSI

The eco-friendly company Recycled Skateboards International (RSI) has made it their mission to reduce their carbon footprint one skateboard at a time. From the 2 million skateboards that end up in landfills all across the United States, the designers, married couple Devin and Lisa Kelley, repurposes these old decks and turn them into charming and colorful pieces of jewerly and accessories.

What began as a fun project for their child's fifth grade class quickly turned into a full time career. Today, their mission continues to be to try and get as many skateboards out of the landfills and into their studio so they can keep making these one of a kind pieces.

Creating jewerly out of recycled material may be nothing new, but RSI's use of recycled skateboard decks definitely is.