These Growing Jewelry Rings

 - Feb 14, 2013
References: notjustalabel & notjustalabel
These Growing Jewelry Rings by HAF redefine modern minimalism. The Iceland based designer's ring creations take inspiration from garden decor and 80s chia pet figurines that would grow green hair when watered.

Resembling a miniature version of a potted plant, the rings' silver bands are adorned with a hollow form that holds a series of green grass fragments. The jewelry pieces are both fun and unexpected, adorning one's hand with a touch of mother earth's natural beauty.

With their blooming botanical inspiration, these Growing Jewelry Rings by HAF resemble plant-filled pots that feature sprouting grass roots. The Icelandic accessory designer's creations promote eco-friendly fashion practices and are a perfect jewelry piece for the style conscious environmentalist consumer.