Leaves Look Elegant Around the Neck with the Willow Branch Necklace

 - Jan 18, 2013
References: etsy
For the nature girl who loves spending her time frolicking among the flowers and climbing the tallest trees, the Willow Branch Necklace gives her a way to adorn herself in nature.

Created by Design Squish, this necklace hangs weightlessly around the neck, with tiny delicate leaves attached to layers of thin twisted rope. The leaves are made from upcycled leather, and due to the cut of the reclaimed materials, the designers at Design Squish were able to minimize waste from the production of these necklaces. Originally made in black, there is also an olive-colored version that symbolizes the peace and harmony associated with the olive branch.

Just as the branches of the willow tree hang gracefully down with a cascade of tiny leaves, so do the layers of the Willow Branch Necklace.