Cooking Your Holiday Bird with Light Produces Surprising Results

 - Nov 22, 2012
References: youtube & gizmodo
Turkey roasting is a time-honored holiday tradition, but cooking one with flashlights is definitely not one of the tried and true methods, until now. The average-size turkey is cooked using six Wicked Laser-brand flashlights that manage to make the bird edible in only 2.5 hours. Each flashlight is capable of emitting 4,100 lumens of light, which is a highly intense beam that can apparently make for an oven-like environment when more than one is utilized.

The viral video by YouTube sensation kipkay is amongst good company with all his works being prank, hack or how-to oriented. While the video is technically a how-to, it's unlikely that you'll want to cook your holiday bird using this outrageous method despite how cool it might be to watch.