From Sushi Burrito Hybrids to Unusual Ramen Wraps

 - Mar 16, 2015
Although it could be argued that the combination of beans, rice, meat and vegetables in a burrito recipe already provides the essence of a food mashup, these creations take the word "hybrid" to the next level.

On the inside, these savory burrito wraps are filled with everything from macaroni and cheese to sushi, s'mores, instant noodles and items from a feast that you'd find on a Thanksgiving dinner table. There are infinite possibilities for what could go on the inside of a burrito, these kinds of remixes seem quite comforting since the ingredients inside are so familiar. As far as getting inventive with burrito bread, there are even a few recipes that borrow the name burrito for dinner meals that are encased in sushi rice and seaweed or a bacon wrap.