The Solio CLIP-MINI USB is Great for Outdoor Adventures

 - Mar 25, 2012
References: store.solio
Harnessing the sun’s energy for power is becoming increasingly more popular, and the new Solio CLIP-MINI USB/Solar Rechargeable LED Light is a pocket-sized flashlight with mighty potential. The fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down, as four LED bulbs give you anywhere from three to 33 hours of illumination, provided that you adjust the settings appropriately.

Solio is the brand name for Better Energy System Inc., a private company based in America. The Solio CLIP-MINI USB/Solar Rechargeable LED Light is one of the company's newest products, so you might want to consider adding the MINI-CLIP to your gear as you plan your next adventure!

Great for long nights in the great outdoors, this product from Solio will keep your evenings well-lit.