From Darth Vader to Tron-Inspired Glow-in-the-Dark Accessories

 - Sep 17, 2012
Brighten up the room with glow-in-the-dark accessories like illuminated lingerie or a pair of bone-chilling glowing boots or even with some snazzy snake skin sneakers to light up your path.

Glowing accessories are a great way to make a popping stylistic statement, especially for the monochromatic dressed individuals. Besides being an eye-catching, envy-inducing item at clubs and parties, these luminescent apparels are also a great and safe way for inattentive drivers to see you while you're taking a stroll or running late at night.

From Darth Vader's electrifying Force to pumping glow-in-the-dark equalizer sunglasses to freakishly frightening villainous attire, glow-in-the-dark items are a distinctive and amazing way to add that finishing touch, and perfect your Halloween costume as well.