The Adidas SS80s G SNK3 Shoes Illuminate in the Dark

The Adidas SS80s G SNK3 are a pair of wicked glow-in-the-dark sneakers available exclusively at Atmos. The pair was previously released in a burgundy colorway, featuring the same snakeskin pattern as this pair of black Adidas SS80s G SNK3.

What really makes these shoes a stand out pair is that, in regular light, they're seemingly normal with a classy sportswear look. The black snakeskin upper makes them a pair that you could wear in any occasion, but once the lights turn off the real features shine. The entire upper glows when placed in the dark, creating a completely different aesthetic that will transform your entire ensemble. Look out for the Adidas SS80s G SNK3, they'll definitely add a distinct flair for nightwear.