Prototype Vibrating Gloves Will Improve the Sensitivity of Your Extremities

 - Aug 6, 2011
References: & gizmodo
Taking advantage of a little-known phenomenon known as stochastic resonance, these vibrating gloves emit white noise while they gyrate, improving the sight, hearing, balance and touch of the wearer.

Surgeons, bomb defusers and dentists should rejoice because researchers at the George Institute of Technology have put the finishing touches on a pair of vibrating gloves that will improve motor sensitivity in those tense, pressure-filled moments. 'Wearable' white noise is what gives these mittens their power, as actuators on the fingertips vibrate your appendages slightly, giving them more manual dexterity.

But this invention isn't just for people with demanding day jobs. In trial tests, patients with conditions that affected their motor skills were grabbing, feeling and holding things with the adroitness they used to have. Never underestimate what a few good vibrations are capable of doing!