LED Bike Lights are Infused into Gloves for Added Safety

 - Apr 29, 2013
References: doppelganger.jp & gizmodo
Traversing the roads at night can be dangerous, but it’s particularly dangerous for bike enthusiasts who ride their self-propelled motors on the streets, making the usage of LED bike lights a common prerequisite for bike users.

The Japan-based company of DOPPELGANGER has created a convenient and stylish way for bikers to roam the streets at night with its LED hand gloves. Normally, bikers would either have a flickering light at the back of their bikes to notify car drivers of their presence, or use hand signals to tell them about their impending direction. With the light-infused hand gloves, bikers will no longer have to worry about those issues.

The gloves are embedded with a thumb trigger to flash the LED lights. With this convenience, bikers will be a lot safer on the roads -- the LED gloves could also be used for wild rave parties, if you're more interested in parties than biking.