The Chaval Response XRT Gloves Responds to the Temperature of the Hands

 - Oct 11, 2012
References: chavalusa & ohgizmo
Chaval Response XRT are not the average Joe's gloves. Not only do they look slightly intimidating, they are impressively advanced. At least, they are in the heating department. While these gauntlets may not be the first on the market to actively heat up hands, they do boast a self-regulating temperature feature. This means that the Chaval Response XRT gloves continually monitor the temperature of the wearer's hands in order to respond to changes when needed.

Essentially, the Chaval Response XRT gloves are equipped with a proprietary, paper-thin, nanotech polymer film that gets denser, increasing its electrical conductivity when hands are cold. As the hands warm up, the glove reduces the film's conductivity. Powered by a battery, the Chaval Response XRT gloves are perfect for outdoor adventurists who enjoy cold winter activities.