Techno-Holics' Tazer Gloves Make Superheroes Out of Citizens

 - Oct 23, 2011
References: techno-holics & gizmodo
The fine folks over at Techno-Holics came up with the Tazer Gloves. These bad boys would give a person's punch some added shock value.

The fully functional Tazer Gloves are made using only disposable cameras, batteries, Altoids tins, dog collars, fishing gloves, switches, solder and wire. Granted, they might not look very frightening, but while the villain is busy laughing, Altoid Man (the gloves are conveniently branded) has just been given precious time to wind up the perfect punch.

Techno-Holics has kindly provided instructions to the making these Tazer Gloves. If you're looking to pack an extra bit of punch for the upcoming holiday season, be sure to check out this unique design for the ultimate form of self defense.