The Airwriting Texting Device Lets Users Write Without a Surface

 - Mar 11, 2013
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A new invention by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) has brought new meaning to the term 'texting gloves.'

The texting gloves, which are called 'airwriting,' allow users to write and compose text messages by writing through the air without a surface. Through a combination of a micro controller, a Bluetooth transmitter and motion sensors weaved into a fabric glove, the gloves can detect subtle hand movements to type accurately. KIT's intention is to make the device subtle enough to be weaved into standard clothing and become a normal part of the user's every day wardrobe and life. The texting gloves can currently recognize around 8,000 words. The gloves can also differentiate between capital and lowercase letters, as well as detecting the start and end of sentences.

For their design, KIT has been given a research award from none other than Google.