- Nov 19, 2014
Predictive technologies run the gamut from technology that quite literally predicts what's coming and helps you prepare for it to gadgets that help you navigate around your physical environment to devices that automate simple tasks to make life easier for you.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of predictive technologies are nestled within the easily usable and accessible confines of mobile apps. We all know about apps that give us directions or find places of interest in our physical vicinity. But did you know that there are apps out there than predict health-related parameters and help you nip problems in the bud?

Whether they manifest in the form of apps, wearable devices or larger gadgets, all predictive technology products have one thing in common -- they are designed to make life easier by either helping you spot problems before they spiral out of control, or by taking care of tasks you'd rather not be bothered with.

From Face-Recognizing Ads to Future-Predicting Motorbikes: