Dialog by Artefact Helps Monitor and Manage Chronic Seizures

 - Mar 12, 2014
References: artefactgroup & fastcodesign
Dialog by Artefact, a company based in Seattle, Washington, shows how wearable technology is becoming more and more specific. What first began as fitness monitors for any Joe Schmoe out there has now become tailored to the needs of individuals. In this case, the individuals being targeted are epileptics suffering from chronic seizures.

Designed as a patch-like watch, Dialog by Artefact is created to help patients track, monitor and manage their epileptic episodes. In fact, it hopes that with prolonged use, this device will be able to predict seizures to help prevent them, or at the very least prevent any lasting damage.

Connecting to smartphones, Dialog by Artefact analyzes the events leading to seizures while also alerting friends and family members when one has occurred.