The Fleksy Touchscreen Keyboard can Even be Used by the Blind

 - Aug 24, 2012
References: fleksy & buzzfeed
A new texting application has been released that is revolutionizing the ways in which we communicate via text message called the Fleksy App, the touchscreen keyboard that you dont even have to look at to type.

Fleksy is claiming to have "probably the most powerful text prediction engine" on the market right now, and you may feel the same after watching this video and seeing the app in action for yourself. Fleksy is capable of predicting what it is you are trying to type without you even getting the majority of the letters correct.

The app is run on Syntellia’s patent-pending technology and it uses the QWERTY layout that most people are used to. The most exciting development in this application is the fact that even the blind can type using Fleksy. The app has a curtain that allows you to type on a blank screen and then replays the text back to you.

This is going to change a lot of things for a lot of people. This cool app is currently free to try on Android and iPhone smartphones.