Dots Gloves for iPhone, iPod

 - Sep 19, 2008
References: dotsgloves & core77
Users of devices with touchscreens--like iPod, iPhone, iTouch, Nintendo DS, point-of-sale systems, and laptop trackpads--know full well how uncomfortable and inconvenient it is to operate these devices when it’s cold.

Dots Gloves are simple knit mittens that make using a touchscreen device easier in cold weather. They feature tiny curved metal dots that won’t scratch surfaces. You can specify which hand you want the dots on, the amount of dots you’d like, and the fingers on which they should be placed. Best of all, they cost just $10 per pair.

Last year a similar chilly modern-day problem caused by the smoking ban in the UK was solved with the invention of smoking mittens--mittens made with a cigarette-sized hole in them.