These Mittens Will Settle Scores with a Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

 - Dec 4, 2013
References: knitpicks
The Rock, Paper, Scissor game knit mittens designed by Annie Watts ensures that the classic game can go on in the winter without your hands getting cold. The mittens are designed so that the pattern includes the symbols for a pair of scissors, a sheet of paper and a rock all on one mitt. This is perfect, no matter if your dominant hand is the left or the right one.

The pattern for Annie Watt’s Rock, Paper, Scissors Mitts is available for purchase on Knit Picks for $5. Because the pattern is so intricate, it’s probably best for intermediate or advanced knitters.

These fingerless mitts are a fantastic way to settle any issues that arise with an impromptu match of rock, paper, scissors in the winter.