From Computerized Clothing Concepts to Emotion-Based Apparel

 - Nov 16, 2015
These responsive clothing innovations range from emotion-based apparel lines to emoji-projecting sweaters that allow wearers to incorporate mobile messages into their outfit. As fashion becomes more connected -- a result of millennials' tech obsession -- its capabilities are going far beyond performance and function.

Standouts in the realm of responsive clothing include touchscreen fashions by Project Jacquard -- a smart yarn innovation made possible by research at Google's ATAP lab -- along with mobile payment garments that are embedded with smart sensor technology. In addition to the bPay jacket by Barclays Bank, designer Adam Selman recently teamed up with MasterCard to create a collection of men's and women's apparel that is embedded with payment-enabling technology.

Other notable examples include novelty fashions like illuminated outerwear and adult LED sneakers that revive nostalgic styles for a new generation.