The PowearIN Jacket is Embedded With Lots of Technology

 - Nov 3, 2015
References: powearin & gizmag
The PowearIN jacket is an all-new wearable product that appears to be in competition with offerings like the Tec Jacket 2.0 for the coveted title of world's most high-tech jacket. This particular jacket comes with lots of storage space for your gadgets, integrated gadget charging, a built-in flashlight as well as a wireless dial that enables you to control any external devices.

As if that isn't great enough, the PowearIN is also capable of transforming into a messenger bag. This allows you to easily and conveniently carry around all your electronic gadgetry on your shoulder when it's too hot out to wear a coat.

Ultimately, the PowearIN wearable jacket caters to the growing need of people to be as connected to their gadgets as possible but with the least hassle.