This Reflective Bag is the Perfect Nighttime Backpack for Adventurers

 - Aug 22, 2013
References: amazon & fancy
Traveling alone at night is a risky activity at the best of times, made all the more dangerous by remaining invisible to drivers on the darkened roads; this nighttime backpack, however, ensures that midnight travelers will always be safe.

The drawstring backpack, made entirely of vegan materials, features a Tyvek strip across its front that shines brightly when it comes in contact with any sort of light source. When drivers are speeding along moonlit roads, their headlights blaring, the backpack will light up, allowing the driver to see the wearer and avoid any nasty accidents.

The bag not only boasts some must-have safety features, but it is also lightweight and easy to carry. Simply sling it over your shoulders and you've got a roomy compartment for all of your necessities, without the clunkiness of a traditional, less sleekly designed, bag.

A reflective backpack is not something that any traveler should go without. So if you're planning on taking a star-speckled walk any time soon, that make sure to get yourself a backpack that will get you home in one piece.