- Mar 6, 2015
These understated style finds range from monochromatic statement tees to stone jewelry collections that embody a subtle air. Minimalist fashion is about effortless elegance and is designed to feature little or no ornamentation. In the case of these examples, simplicity is key and monochromatic tones are preferred over vibrant hues.

Standouts from this list include subtle bridal collections, institutional menswear lines and even accessories that boast a simplistic look. In addition to formalwear and everyday casuals, minimalist sportswear is another understated style fad that has taken the world by storm recently.

With popular aesthetics like Normcore and Health Goth, urban apparel is becoming more functional and less opulent. This understated fashion movement puts little importance on frills and more importance on function.

From Monochromatic Trainers to Marble Art Deco Accessories: