Ulten Quinlivan-Hopkins’ Revolutionary Tool is for Subterranean W

 - May 3, 2013
References: dyson & jamesdysonaward.org
Working in subterranean environments to collect precious materials is an old profession but continues to be extremely dangerous, and that’s why life-saving innovations like Ulten Quinlivan-Hopkins’ Synergy Mining Helmets are so important.

No matter where your location on the globe, you’ll likely be able to find a large workforce employed for industrial mining projects. Despite the widespread nature of this occupation, stats show that 70,000 miners have died from black lung disease over the last 40 years alone.

These are the troubling realities that led Canadian industrial designer Ulten Quinlivan-Hopkins to create these revolutionary Synergy Mining Helmets. An entry for the 2013 James Dyson Award, Synergy Mining Helmets are designed to provide a unprecedented level of safety to miners. By incorporating a built-in respirator, a built-in anti-fog fan and a bendable LED light, these cutting edge helmets are sure to save many lives.