The Re-Wired Helmet Translates Sounds for Deaf Individuals

 - Apr 28, 2012
References: ameliamarzec & designbuzz
Translating ambient sounds into haptic signals, the Re-Wired Helmet allows the deaf to 'hear' physical sensations. It uses bone conduction technology to produce these haptic signals. Developed by Amelia Marzec, it began as a do-it-yourself project to regain the hearing in one of her ears after a tumor disabled it.

Although the Re-Wired Helmet would seem like a clunky addition to an everyday outfit, it is a great alternative to devices that yield similar results but have to be implanted in skulls via screws. As a much less invasive option, the Re-Wired Helmet is equipped with effects circuits, vibration components, signal amplifiers and sensitive microphones that can be customized to any individual head. The sound and volume is manually controlled.