The Cyclist Protector Concept is Stylish, Flexible and Comfortable

 - May 3, 2012
References: designbuzz
Bicycle safety can often be overlooked for the sake of both style and comfort, but the Cyclist Protector Concept hopes to bridge the gap between the three by introducing a flexible alternative to the traditional helmet design. Created for the Seoul Cycle Design Competition, the Cyclist Protector Concept is a hybrid between a helmet and vest.

Designed by Jakab Barna in collaboration with Andras Oravecz, the Cyclist Protector Concept is made out of an easy-to-produce material called the Non Newtonian Gel. This material gives the 'helmet' its soft flexibility, effectively turning it into more of a hood than a hard piece of headgear. When impacted, this substance turns into a protective solid. As a whole, it is also very visible, alerting motorists that a cyclist is on the road.