The 'lifeClipper' Lets Users Visualize a Psychedelic Augmented Reality

 - Mar 12, 2012
References: lifeclipper1.torpus & dailymail
St. Johann’s Park in Basel, Switzerland has created an intriguing new way to attract more people to parks by using the 'lifeClipper.' The lifeClipper is an augmented reality helmet that lets users experience a completely different universe when they wear it. The lifeClipper only works within the confines of the park; thus drawing more people into the park to experience what many haven’t seen since Woodstock.

Using a high-powered computer backpack, running on Windows 7, this device allows users to experience a half real, half virtual world. The experience is best described as a hyper-real psychedelic split from reality in which the users vision is augmented by the device and controlled via an iPhone. The lifeClipper projects images that incorporate a very similar terrain so the user is able to navigate around the park. This hallucination helmet is sure to bring all sorts of new visitors to the park to experience something that is truly out of this world.